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More Real-time Interaction Feedback Needed

Hello Guys, first I want to say again, this tool is as good as it gets it’s getting very close to what I work with in react called data tables. A real-time as you type and table update interactively. I love data tables and have some amazing tools I built using it, I would love to see the same type of real-time using Admin Columns Pro as well.

I have some tables with 20,000+ items and waiting for change, when you filter an element is very slow. The worse part is you have no idea what is happening, as there is no table feedback during that time of waiting, like not even a simple loading script / animated jquery loader, I feel like that is a vital missing element and would love to see that here ASAP.

It’s a non issues for small table lists as the display is super fast, but a massive issue when dealing with tables that have 20,000 – 150,000 items in the list, even if I have that set to only display 100 items it’s slow to filter. Is there any snippet to create a more real-time interaction or future plane for larger batch list support.

Also with that being stated, can the update batch be done using a cron command and or CURL so we are not waiting for a large list to update. FYI: I have the sever as fast as we can make it, using every possible technology in place for speed / caching and it just seems to be a table display limit, I have yet to find the way around, as everything else is still lighting fast.

Again I still love Admin Columns Pro, there is nothing better created for the WP/WC platform and we tested everything we could find. We just want to see it get even better, faster and a more real time table interactivity as for my use case it’s still too slow and need to find a better solution for data management.

Thanks so much for your time and efforts…

1 year, 7 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Our aim is to stay as close to WordPress as possible. That is why we build all our logic on the available WordPress tables/pages so that we have great support for almost every custom post type and third-party plugins as long as they work on the default WordPress tables.

This also means that filtering and sorting require a page request instead of doing everything with Ajax that plugins like Datatables do. Unfortunately, if you have a large dataset, loading the page can take some time. There is nothing to do to speed up that process and show something during the new page load since it is not built with Asynchronous page loading.

Because of our choice to work on top of WordPress tables, this is not something that we can and will change in the future.

1 year, 7 months ago

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