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Make an URLto filtering list


With Admin columns v3, to redirect user to a filtered list i used a link like this :[column-meta-key]=column-value
It worked perfectly.

But with v4, it doesn’t work because the column value is now encoded in url (why ?):[column-meta]=MjAxNy0wNi0wMQ==
How i can get this encoded value to make my link ?

7 years ago

OK it’s just a base64 encoding so no problem to convert the value :)

But I’m still curious about why you encode the value.

I take this opportunity to ask you if there is a function to create this type of link ? For the moment i manually created the URL with add_query_arg and admin_url( 'edit.php' ). It works but I am dependent on the changes made by the plugin upgrades.

7 years ago

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