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LearnDash extension feature request

Hello, guys!
I want to ask you about the painful. I am using your plugin in my LearnDash site. And unfortunately, currently, when I’m exporting user data, from the WordPress Users table, the LearnDash Groups column is not added values (though I can see values in Users table). And this is a very necessary function. Could you consider this as a new feature request?

To my great regret, the LearnDash development team has been unable for many years to realize the possibility of bulk actions for enrolling users to the groups and unenrolling from the groups directly in the Users table (in WP admin area). If your team solved this problem as well, then the demand for your plugin from the side of numerous users of the LearnDash would have grown significantly – I’m sure.


4 years, 5 months ago

Just some more info:
For now LearnDash Groups column is available for your plugin settings, but with notification:
“Unfortunately not every column can be exported. Third-party columns and some custom columns cannot be exported unless there is build-in support for that specific column.”

4 years, 5 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Hi Vitaly,

Thanks for your message.
Unfortunately, there is no LearnDash support on our planning at this moment.
Third-party columns are indeed not supported in our export or any pro feature.
The only way to support export is when you’re able to recreate that column with one of our custom columns. If that column just shows custom data from the post meta table, you could try to use our Custom Field column.
Otherwise, you could develop your own custom column for the LearnDash plugin and implement the export feature accordingly. We do have a toolkit with documentation to get you started.

4 years, 5 months ago

Very sad. But anyway – thanks for the detailed answer!

4 years, 5 months ago

Hello, Stefan!

Thanks a lot for advice. I almost have done what I needed. Now I can see the learnDash groups in WP Users table, sorting them and export to csv!

Could you help me – I’ve two questions:
1) How can I add few columns with your toolkit? Is it necessary to create a separate plugin-extension for each additional column, or do I need to declare several classes for each additional column in one plugin? Or is there another scenario?
2) In the class for editing I want to use select2 with multiple choices. Do I correctly understand that this is the ‘select2_tags’ type? And how can I set options with a title and value in $settings [‘options’]? Is it possible to use this construction for that purpose: $settings [‘options’] = array ({“id”: “0”, “text”: “option title 0”}, {“id”: “1”, “text” : “option title 1”}, {“id”: “2”, “text”: “option title 2”} …);?

Thank you again!

4 years, 5 months ago

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