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Just Purchased Pro – Whats Next

Hi – Just purchased Admin Columns Pro and I see absolutely no difference in my dashboard from when I was one the free plan since I added the license key. I expected a setup wizard.

I do not see clearly the difference between the regular pro plan and the woocommerce product plan. The very first screenshot displays a product page enabled for column editing including price. This is why I purchased the pro plan. The section of the website displaying this image was next to a caption titled “Save time content Editing” and zero references to the woocommerce feature.

1. I want to edit the columns in the Product summery. Did I need the Woocommerce add-on to do this?

2. I uploaded your plugin to a multisite installation and added the license key to the network admin with the intent of only trying it out on a single sub-site. Is the compatible in this regard?

5 years, 5 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Hi there,

When you already had the free version installed, you probably already added some custom columns.
To enable our pro features like: sorting, editing, and filtering, you’ll have to go into our settings page again and enable the feature per column.

1) If you want to edit specific WooCommerce columns and you can’t manage that with the custom field column, you probably want to install our WooCommerce integration for Admin Columns Pro. This integration is only available for the business and developer license only.

2) There are two ways to activate a license on a network install. You can activate it at network level, in that case, the license is activated for all subsites. It is also possible to activate the license per subsite, but when you activate it per subsite, every subsite counts towards your site limit.

5 years, 5 months ago

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