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Issue relationship fields matched

While I’m building relationship fields between Post, I have to param the field I want to match with this relation.
In your example , you say : {@post_title}
In fact if you write that it doesn’t work. To work, you need to write: {@’post_title’}

Is it a known issue???

5 years ago

Sorry I edit my error:

I’m trying to add a custom field type “relation” into a post type named “BOX” linked from a post type ICON
It works, I can find the field when editing/creating a post BOX.
However, it displays the title (@post_title) of ICON and I would like it display a custom field (in code format).

I’ve tried to edit the custom relation field by adding another reference object {@thefieldIwantodisplay} but it doesn’t work.
how can I do please?

5 years ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

I believe this is a specific Pods issue. Pods is not our plugin, so I advise you to post this issue on the Pods forums. We made an integration for Pods, but that is our only link to Pods. Otherwise, I have no idea what you’re trying to accomplish and which example you referring to.

5 years ago

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