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Inline edit shows old value after navigating back using the browser.

A bit of a complicated issue but I’ll try to explain it as clearly as possible.

1. If i change a value in a post overview using the inline edit function.

Changing the value from ‘Ja’ to ‘Nee’.

2. The value changes

3. Now when I open up a post and navigate back to the overview using the browser back button

4. The value seems to have switched back to ‘Ja’.

5. And when I refresh the page it switches back to ‘Nee’ (the correct value).

This is quite problematic because this causes a lot of confusion for the clients.
They use this site for managing a backstage-pass system for a large festival and multiple people are using it.

8 years ago
Tobias Schutter

What type of column are you using for the “Pas OK” values? (ACF or Custom Field)

8 years ago

it’s an ACF field, showing it by using the ‘Admin Columns – Advanced Custom Fields add-on’.

8 years ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

I think it has nothing to to with the type of column you add.
The problem is that we use Ajax for inline edit. So the value of the column is updated without a page request when you change the value by using inline edit.

When you click back button in the browser, it goes back to the initial state of the page (without any Ajax actions) so it looks like the value is not changed.

A solution on our side would be to support the HTML5 history API for our inline edit functionality.
I’ve create a ticket for this on Github as improvement.

8 years ago

Hi Stefan,

Ah yes that makes sense, stumbled upon a similar issue with another project myself recently.
I hope this can resolved soon, I’ll keep an eye on github.

8 years ago

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