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Sorchote Ambhanwong

I don’t understand 3 problems.

I don’t understand 3 problems.
1. How do Admincolumns store data in Database? I created a column on the All User page and was able to fill the fields in Edit User (connected to Crocoblock JetEngine).

2. I want to link columns to the “Order” page where the staff can fill in All Users and it will appear in the “Order” page as well.

3. I want to link columns to “Edit Orders” page where staff can fill in All Users and it will appear on the page. I don’t understand this.

2 months ago

Let me answer your questions below per point.

1) All column settings are stored in a separate table in your database ({prefix}admin_columnns). This is where all the logic for a table is stored.

But if you mean the actual data in your columns, our plugin stores it exactly at the place where it comes from in the column itself. For example, if you use the Custom Field column with inline editing enabled, it displays the data from the post_meta table and also stores it there.

2) It is not possible to (inline) edit columns on the Order page for the related Users. Our plugin can only edit the data for the object type (post/order/user) that you’re currently working on. So editing the related data for a user on the Order page is not possible.

3) I don’t really understand what you’re trying to accomplish here. Can you explain your user case to me with the support of images?

2 months ago

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