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Hey Andreas…I ran into something really odd today. First off, Due to the amount of posts I have in the 4 custom post types I utilize on my site (26k plus on one of them, 14k plus on another..etc), I tend to set up my extra columns when I need to do a particular editing activity (things like excerpts and content really slow down editing refreshes on the admin side).

Anyway, the other day I was filtering by a custom field “wpcf-city”, without issue. Today I revisited the city filter, only to find that when I turned on filtering, that it was picking up data from other custom fields and ignoring the wpcf-city data.

Just went back into admin so I could check a couple of things while writing up this ticket. The issue was gone on the first and second custom post types. Then I went to a third custom post type,”resource_links” (which is one of my smaller ones with about 1400 posts) and when I turned the filter on for the wpcf-city custom field, it was again pulling in the wrong data from a different field.

Earlier today, and on this last check, I experimented and added/removed columns…and the wpcf-city filter would also change which field it was pulling data from…most of the time a taxonomy field, but a few times from a wpcf-dealer-statement field too.

So I went back to the “resource_links” custom post type, tinkered with it for a bit and added a second column dedicated to the “wpcf-city” custom fields(u understand…I had two columns dedicated to it). After I did this, the filter worked properly!!

I’m wondering if this is a cache issue?

I’m running Nginx w/ FastCGI Cache on an Apache linux server. Also using ConfigServer eXploit Scanner cxs for security purposes.

Any thoughts on this?


9 years, 11 months ago

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