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Barry Tuber

Field not exporting

On a WooCommerce site, we have a plugin which is adding a Delivery Date field to checkout. The plugin itself is adding the field to the default orders listing in the WordPress admin.

While the field displays fine there, when I go into Admin Columns Pro’s Edit Columns and check off the box for export, the column appears in the export csv (named “Delivery Date”) but the values are not present.

In the postmeta table on the database, the meta_key for the field is “Delivery Date” and the value looks like “Tuesday, April 13, 2021”.

Not sure if it is because the meta key name does not follow the more usual naming conventions.

Any suggestions on how to get the value to export?



3 years ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Can you try to replace their column with our Custom Field column? For third-party columns, our export depends on the way the columns are written (since there is not really a default way of doing that), so it might be that they are relying on some variables to be available during export that are not. When you can use our custom field column, at least all export logic is managed by our plugin and export should work fine. Can you try this and let me know if that works?

3 years ago

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