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Sam Frysteen

Feature Request: Copy Value option

I am using ACP to use the post ‘ID‘ to show a shortcode in a column – eg: [post_url post_id=’387‘]

This saves me from having to update internal links and whatnot when creating links in text and buttons etc… when I change a post or page or service URL.

Currently have to drag over and copy the code – would be great if we could have a toggle to turn on a ” allow copy” option in the column settings.

Then, I can just click the shortcode to copy it to the clipboard.

Thanks, Sam.

1 year ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Are you a developer?
I believe that your request is for a too-specific use case to build a feature for it.
But if you’re a developer, you could easily wrap the value with some Javascript that does exactly what you want.
The hook that can be used for this is `ac/column/value’.

Every column also has a specific classname that could be used together with Javascript to write some sort of click-and-copy logic.

1 year ago

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