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Feature Request – Actions Column

When adding a “Actions” column, can you please allow for a filter on which options to include?

For example, I only want to allow “Edit” and “Trash”. There is no page/template for view the CPT and no reason to “Quick Edit”.

5 days, 21 hours ago


This is unfortunately not possible as a setting in our column.
The action column is just a placeholder for the quick actions that are already available in WordPress by default. We just move them to a separate column, but all logic is managed by WordPress.

There is a hook in WordPress though to manipulate the actions.


5 days, 5 hours ago

You are somehow modifying the default WordPress text though… Replacing it with icons. Or is that CSS magic?

19 hours, 38 minutes ago

Yes, that is indeed CSS magic 🙂
We insert an element before the icons that we use to select the links in the table cell and style them.

5 hours, 8 minutes ago

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