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ming xuan

Error: woocommerce-customer-order-csv-export

I use this plugin “woocommerce-customer-order-csv-export”

There are “Export Status” column in the order view page:

When i use “admin columns pro” plugin, i couldn’t add this “Export Status” column:

Please check this problem, thanks.

5 years ago

Hello Ming,

I’ve requested a copy of the plugin to reproduce the problem.
In the mean time I think how you could add this column again to the overview.

Because it is a default column added by WooCommerce, I believe that if you reset the column settings for the order overview, the column is back again. Can you confirm that? Is it correct that you can remove the column but not add it?

If this workaround fails, you can also add a column with type set as Custom Field. You should be able to find the correct field that is used by this plugin to save the export status. You probably see a value 1/0, yes/no or true/false depending how the plugin stores its data.

5 years ago
ming xuan

Hi, It’s working now. the column is back again. Thanks a lot!

5 years ago

Hi Ming,

Great to hear. I have a copy of the plugin now, so I still want to check if I can reproduce the problem.
I will close this ticket but will come back if I find anything.

5 years ago

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