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Does v5.6 work with PHP 8?

I migrated to a new host (Dreamhost) running PHP 8.X and ACP is causing the site to break. It can only be resolved by disabling ACP.

Is this a problem with PHP 8.X compatibility? I can change PHP versions, but not below 8.0, to my knowledge.

1 month ago

Hi Robert,

The current version of our plugin (6.3) is compatible with PHP 8.2.
We don’t keep track of which version of our plugin is made compatible with a specific PHP version.
Only the minimum requirements of PHP are mentioned, but not the max.
Maybe you could have a look at your error.log file and send me the specific error to so I can advise if the issue PHP related or not. Otherwise, updating to the latest version of our plugin should at least work with any PHP 8 version at the moment.

1 month ago

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