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Date format not filtering woocommerce orders?

I have a custom meta field delivery_date used for order, this value can either be the numeric or the date format. Example: 1590364800 OR 2020-05-25

In the column settings I set Field Type as “Date”, and format could be “WordPress Date Format” F j, Y

Then the column for delivery_date, under woocommerce admin orders, values are all set in the Date format: May 21, 2020….. looks like it works.

However, If I setup Filtering option (which I need) it will show me the dates I can choose to filter in the dropdown (on the orders page), example May 21, 2020, May 11, 2020, May 1, 2020 etc…. BUT the filtering doesn’t return any results….. any idea?

4 years, 2 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

In order to use filtering, it is necessary to know the exact format that is used in the database.
Unfortunately, our custom field column which is a one-fits-all solution is not aware of that format.
So search and filtering is not supported or at least not optimal for the custom field column.
We like to tackle that issue in the future though by adding an extra setting to the column to set the saved format, but that adds another layer of complexity to the column for most users.

The only way to support this for your column, is that you create your own column so that you can set the intended behavior for your column. But you’ll need to code for that. If you’re interested, you could have a look at this page.

4 years, 1 month ago

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