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Date filter problem

We have a site running with ACP 6.3.4. On a table with a date published column, “filter by” set to daily filter and the date format set to a custom format of “j F Y” the filter displayed a drop down of publish dates. This was great as we could easily see which dates had posts published.

We are in the process of updating to v6.4.3 and the filter now displays as a date picker with no indication of which days there were published items. We get a date picker irrespective of the date format we choose. If I change “filter by” to monthly then we get a dropdown showing only the months posts were published.

Is this a bug or is the daily filter now useless for this purpose?

5 months, 2 weeks ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

In version 6.4 we completely refactored our legacy Filtering feature and made it work the same as our Smart Filtering feature. The reason is that we needed to maintain Filtering that was 80% the same code as Smart Filtering. We always have seen Smart Filtering as the successor of the Filtering feature but we were aware that having the drop-downs on the table was a nice feature of the Filtering feature.

Unfortunately, the refactor means that the pre-populated dropdown filter for single days for the Date filters does not work the same anymore. If you have many posts per day, it might still be useful to filter on a specific day, but in your case using the filter to easily pick one of the available dates, it might be useless.

5 months, 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the answer it clarified the situation.

We have recently noticed a related behaviour change. When filtering using the new Date filter we no longer get back scheduled posts. Is there a way to include scheduled posts in the filter results?

4 months ago

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