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Data overload in wp_options by AdminColumns with ac_cache_data_

hello, my site is old and i have a very big wp_options table. I’m doing a careful cleaning of data left behind by hundreds of plugins I’ve used, but I can’t find which plugin created the “ac_cache_data_” option. From the initials of the option name, I assume it is from the Admin Columns, correct? If yes, can I safely wipe this data? how do I prevent this plugin from overloading my wp_options table like this?


1 year, 7 months ago

First of all, yes, this is an option created by our plugin. The option contains the cached options for the drop-downs on top of the table overviews used by our filtering feature. Since retrieving the values for the filters can be heavy on performance, we cache it so that it does not have to be retrieved for every page request.

1) You can clean all options with that prefix, but they will be re-created if you have filtering enabled for your columns
2) We’re working on a way to clear all cache-related options from our settings menu
3) I believe that we can improve the filtering feature, but only load the options in the drop-down once the drop-down is opened. That way we don’t need to cache the result and thus we don’t need to cache it in the database. I’ve added this to our backlog.
4) You can use our Smart Filtering feature instead of the Filtering feature to completely prevent the creation of the cached options.

1 year, 7 months ago

hello Stefan. Thanks for the answer. Please also added to the backlog create a statement to remove these ac_cache records when uninstalling the plugin. I tested it here on staging site and saw that the plugin does not clean the wp_options table, neither uninstalling nor clicking on “restore default settings”

1 year, 7 months ago

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