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Lasse Bo Wamsler

Custom url


Great plug-in. But I really need a field/column where I can write a custom url (maybe a url like https://domain page.pho?post_id=[and then the post ID here].

All the best

1 year ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Is the structure for your domain always the same?
You could use the ID column and use the before and after fields to prepend the base URL before the actual value (ID).

Before: https://domain page.pho?post_id=
Result: https://domain page.pho?post_id=100

It will not automatically become a clickable link though.
When you want to do that, you could use a hook to prepend the URL before the ID columns or maybe even write your own columns, which is not that difficult for what you want. You could even ask Chat-GPT to help you with that (tested).

1 year ago

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