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Custom Post Types disappearing

Very strange behavior going on, and I think that AdminColumnsPro is doing it.
We have created a Custom Post Type called “Subtopic” using Custom Post Types UI plugin, as we have done dozens of times on various sites.
When AdminColumnsPro is active, any NEW Subtopic post that we create does not appear in the list of Subtopics.
BUT, the COUNTof Subtopics shows that the new Subtopics were in fact created, yet there is no way to see them.
When deactivating AdminColumnsPro, then we can see the new Subtopics.

For example, I have
which lists at the top:
All (24) | Mine (10) | Published (24)
Yet on the right side of the list it shows that there are 19, and there are 19 listed below, with no pagination option. Of course, I’ve checked into “Screen Options” and set the max posts displayed to 200 or some really large number but this has no effect.
When I deactivate AdminColumnsPro then I can see all of the Subtopic posts.

So, I’ve deactivated ACP and created some more Posts and can see them.
Then I go back and reactivate ACP and now I cannot see the newly-created posts.
However, if I click the button that says Reset Sorting, then the problem goes away!
Very strange.

This is using WordPress 4.9.1 and AdminColunsPro 4.1.1

6 years, 4 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Hi Brian,

By default, when you sort on a column with our plugin, all posts that don’t have a value for the column sorted on, are removed from the list. This is an option that can be disabled on our settings page. Look for the setting ‘Show all results when sorting. Default is off.’

Besides that, when you once sorted on a column, our plugin stores that as a preference. So next time you open the overview page, the table is still sorted on that column. That’s why you see the ‘reset sorting’ button.

6 years, 4 months ago

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