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Custom Page Type with Tables Controlled by AC

Hello Guys,

We are using a custom plugin that is seemly using the standard tables display, but not seeing just how we can connect this plugin to use your column editing tool built into your plugin. I see some mention of this on various sources, but unsure if this is current and when trying some of these snips, they did not work or we are not yet sure how to use.


We can see the page name and know the plugin name being used, do you have sample snippet working example of how we can tie this plugin into the AC framework to allow us the ability to adjust the columns being displayed in some manner.

REF URL: admin.php?page=vwacv_sections
REF NAME: vwacv-sec

Thank you for your time and any direction in this regard…

10 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Our plugin works out of the box on the default (Custom) Post Type archive pages, the user, taxonomy, and Media pages. The plugin you mention has a custom page structure in the Admin and probably has its own extension of the WP_List_Table.

It is not easy at all to make our plugin work for custom pages and tables and it requires a lot of custom code to make it work. Unfortunately, we don’t have a snippet for this to get you started. I don’t recommend putting time into making our plugin work for that plugin. Still, if you really have the time to dive into this, you could look at our WooCommerce integration (part of the pro plugin) and see how we made custom support for the new WooCommerce HPOS tables.

10 months ago

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