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Custom field does not filter

Hi, I have a custom dropdown field called “Phase” on a Custom Type called “KBQ”, when I try to filter it includes other “Phase” values as well as my selected value, “Phase” contains a list of string values inside a dropdown. In Admin Columns setting I have set “Phase” to be “Field Type” = Default, any ideas why this may be happening

8 years ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Hi David,

The values in the filter dropdown for Admin Columns are based on all found values for your custom field.

For example, you have created the field ‘phase’ for the post type ‘KBQ’. When the dropdown is populated it looks for all possible values for the field ‘phase’ in ‘KBQ’. The fact that you have more values than just the values in your dropdown, means that there are KBQ posts that have those extra values set for the meta_key ‘phase’.

Do you get any results when you filter on those extra values? If yes, you can see if those values are necessary and/or remove them from the post.

8 years ago

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