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Create New Segment is greyed out

I’ve created a Column Set for each of our Product Categories. I was trying to figure out how to result ONLY that specific category in the product listing page. After poking around on here, it looks as though creating a Segment view would be the most appropriate to accomplish that.

So, I click on the Segments icon/box to Create a New Segment, but it’s always greyed out/unavailable to click.
Create New Segment is Greyed Out

I’m not finding a whole ton of documentation on the feature, so I figured I’d ask here. Any advice on how to enable them?

5 years ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Our Segment feature is mainly built for our Smart Filtering feature.
So in order to create a segment, you must use at least one smart filter before it becomes available.
You could use Smart Filtering to do the category search that you mentioned in your email and next save the segment.
Can you let me know if that works for you?

5 years ago

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