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Conflict with the Boss Platform plugin

I use the Boss Platform plugin with the Boss Theme for my learning portal (test version here:
And it seems that Admin Columns Pro – BuddyPress add-on conflict with the Boss Platform plugin.
Boss Platform (formerly SocialLearner theme) is very popular plugin for learning sites (SocialLearner theme was the No 1 theme for LearnDash LMS plugin at all).

Now the problem is: Each time I upgrading Boss platform I can see the warning GamiPress – BuddyPress integration requires GamiPress and BuddyPress in order to work. Please install and activate them.

And I have to disable Admin Columns Pro and then activate it again – then it start works.

I think that It related with own fork of BuddyPress that they using inside of the Boss Platform.
So could you take into account these features of the Boss Platform?

4 years, 8 months ago

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