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Change your pricing model

The “Pro” version should include all of the plugins. The price difference should only cover the number of installs. Advanced Custom Fields learned this in their new pricing structure as have a number of other plugin authors.

At the very least, you should allow personal users to purchase the ACF plugin for $10 or something.

9 years, 6 months ago
David Mosterd

Hi Roy,

Thanks for your feedback and ideas. We created the personal license for people who want to use the pro version, but do not require any of the integrations that are supported by other plans. Right now we have two integrations (WooCommerce and ACF), but we are working on more of them. We get a lot of good requests to integrate with other plugins. Creating and supporting them is effort we don’t want to reflect in the pricing of the personal license. That is the main reason there is a price difference between personal and business.

The higher cost of the developer license is mainly based on the support that we gladly give to companies who use it on a lot of (their client) sites.

Maybe we will offer the integrations per piece one day, but that is something that we would have to weigh carefully and is not in the planning for the short term.

I hope this helps you to understand the choices we made in our pricing. Also, you can try another license and see if the price is worth it. If you don’t think so within 60 days, we’ll will make a refund. You should be happy with the purchase :)



9 years, 6 months ago

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