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Can't save horizontal settings


If I choose the horizontal settings, which is really great, wordpress does not save my settings. As soon as I click on “save”, the settings are not saved. If I only click “Horizontal scrollable table” it is saved. As soon as I leave the editing page and return, I am again not able to scroll horizontal. I need to repeat the procedure again. So I can’t really profit from this great feature, yet.

By the way, a sticky first row would be great :-)

7 years ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Hi Marcel,

When you enable the checkbox we do an Ajax request to store the setting. We don’t use the actual ‘apply’ button to store this setting. But since we use Ajax, I expect that there is an error doing this request on your environment. There can be multiple causes for this problem but a good way to determine the issue is to have a look at your browsers console log if you see any errors. If there is a 500 error for this request you could also have a look at your servers error log.

If this is a bit to technical, please contact me at so I can help you out. A temporary login to your environment would really help in that case.

7 years ago

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