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Bulk Edit Custom Fields

I purchased the standard pro license in hopes of being able to bulk edit custom fields on my business directory website. I use the listingpro theme and am trying to bulk edit a custom form field I created called “ownership.” I would apply ownership details to a “listings” custom post type that is part of the theme.

1. Is this action possible?
2. If so, do I have the correct license level, or must I upgrade?

3 months, 4 weeks ago

Based on your description I would say that is possible.
Can you check the following before trying to bulk edit the field?

1) Are you able to manage columns for your custom post type listing? (see the radar icon to go to the specific column settings page for that list page)
2) Can you check on our settings tab that editing for custom fields is enabled? This is disabled by default since it is kind of a feature where you must know what you’re doing.

Inline editing for Custom fields

The documentation is written for inline editing, but it also applies to bulk editing.
3) Did you already create a custom field column for your field on the overview page and are you sure that the bulk editing setting is enabled?

Once you made sure that the following is true, you should be able to select items from the list. When you have at least two items selected, a new row on top of the table should be visible with the option to bulk edit the values for that column.

3 months, 3 weeks ago

Just checking if my last reply went through. I don’t see it archived

2 weeks ago

I can’t find a reply so if you can send it to me by email at, that would be great!

2 weeks ago

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