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Andreu Llos

Bulk delete fatal error


We’re getting an error when using the bulk delete function. Do you know where it can come from? We’re using the latest version of the plugin and also from WooCommerce.


2023/05/23 10:06:17 [error] 92146#92146: *160225 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to a member function exists() on bool in /www/trestintas_309/public/wp-content/plugins/admin-columns-pro/addons/woocommerce/classes/Column/Product/Variation.php:187
Stack trace:
#0 /www/trestintas_309/public/wp-content/plugins/admin-columns-pro/addons/woocommerce/classes/Column/Product/Variation.php(39): ACA\WC\Column\Product\Variation->get_variations(7127)
#1 /www/trestintas_309/public/wp-content/plugins/admin-columns-pro/addons/woocommerce/classes/Column/Product/Variation.php(27): ACA\WC\Column\Product\Variation->get_raw_value(7127)
#2 /www/trestintas_309/public/wp-content/plugins/admin-columns-pro/admin-columns/classes/ListScreen.php(787): ACA\WC\Column\Product\Variation->get_value(7127)
#3 /www/trestintas_309/public/wp-content/plugins/admin-columns-pro/admin-columns/classes/ListScreen/Post.php(63): AC\ListScreen->get_display_value_by_column_name('62aaea5b381064', 7127)
11 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Thanks for your feedback.
Just to be sure, are you talking about our Bulk Delete feature (the trash icon that appears when you select 1 item on the table) or the WordPress default Bulk Delete function that is available in the Bulk Actions drop-down?

Can you send an export of the column settings (on the tools page in our settings area) to so I can try to reproduce the issue?

11 months ago

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