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Lauren Schwartz

and Admin Columns

Hi. I am storing my ACF data in custom tables in my database — I am pointing this out in case you feel this is why I am having t he problem I am having. In my custom post type I have added a column that is a Post Object field from ACF. The column is always blank … the field does not populate in the admin column. If instead I set the field type to the same field listed under the default fields (because in ACF I have indicated that this field should have a column in the admin) it populates but I always get a message saying “Post xxxx is not found”. I also would prefer that this field did not link to the post, but there is no option to turn it off when using a default Type.

5 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Thanks for your feedback. I don’t fully understand your setup. Did you use our plugin to add the Column to the page? Based on your description it seems that you use a feature in ACF (not default I guess) to enable a column for the field and that is not a feature in our plugin.

When you use our plugin to add a new column, all available ACF fields should have a column type in the ACF section in the drop-down, prefixed with a green icon. Did you try to add that column instead of using the option to add the column in the field itself?

Storing ACF fields in a different table is not part of ACF by default and is probably done with a third-party plugin. Unfortunately, our plugin does not offer support for that.

5 months ago

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