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Additive (OR) taxonomy filtering

Hi –

Is there any way to filter by taxonomy with either checkboxes or some other kind of multi select? I only see the drop down option which only allows viewing one tag or tag-like custom taxonomy term at a time. I can pick RED or BLUE. I can’t select “show all items tagged with RED or BLUE”.

Or is there way to set Smart Filtering to an OR query instead of an AND query? I can use smart filters on the same taxonomy multiple times – so there we can get a little further to a query for “show all items tagged with RED AND BLUE”, but it does not seem possible to achieve RED OR BLUE.


4 years ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your message.
Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to support searching on multiple filters with an ‘OR’ operator.
During the development of the smart filtering feature, we did not find a good way to add make a simple and easy to understand interface to support the choice between AND and OR.

4 years ago

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