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I am adding some sub-menu options in the left menu of my WordPress Admin area.

Could you help me work out the sequence that you use to generate the <select><option value> for an acp_filter in Admin Coiumns.

For example, your plugin generates the following code for one of my taxonomy filters (on the Posts page), and I need to replicate the “value=” code that you use, but have no idea how you get “MjA=” to be a corresponding value for a slug of “20”, “MTk=” for “19” and so on please.

<select class="postform acp-filter" id="acp-filter-taxonomy-issue" name="acp_filter[taxonomy-issue]" data-current="">
			                <option value="" selected="selected">
					Issues                </option>
			                <option value="MjA=">
					20                </option>
			                <option value="MTk=">
					19                </option>
			                <option value="MTg=">
					18                </option>
			                <option value="MTc=">
					17                </option>
			                etc. etc.
			                <option value="Y3BhY19lbXB0eQ==">
					Without issues                </option>
			                <option value="Y3BhY19ub25lbXB0eQ==">
					Has issues                </option>

Thank you

6 years, 6 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Hi Jon,

At this moment we encode all our values in the filter dropdown so filtering works for all kind of data, including HTML content. So in order to make your code work, you can use the following code to encode all your values.

base64_encode( $value )

6 years, 6 months ago

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