The Custom Field column allows you to display custom fields (meta data) in your content overview admin screens. It is available for Post Types, Users, Media and Comments.

Adding a Custom Field Column

You can add a custom field column by simply clicking “Add Column” and selecting the custom field you wish to display.

Custom fields are automatically formatted based on the custom field type you choose. Furthermore, you have the option to add a prefix and suffix to the column contents using the append and prepend options.

Custom Field Types

Admin Columns supports the following custom field types:

Type Value Display Optional
Images image URL's ( separated by a comma ) Thumbnail Image Set your own image size
Media Library Attachment ID's ( separated by a comma ) Thumbnail Image Set your own image size
Excerpt Plain or HTML text Summary of the text Excerpt length in number of words
Mulitple Values  ( multi dimensional ) array  Comma separated string of all variables inside the array
Numeric Integers Numeric value (also used for sorting)
Date Unix time stamp or a date format as described in the Codex  Formatted date Set a custom date format for displaying
Post Title  Post ID's (separated by a comma)  Post Title with an edit-link
Username  User ID's (separated by a comma)  User Name with a link to their profile
Checkmark  should be a 1 (one) or 0 (zero) Display a yes or no icon
Color Hex value color ( e.g. #808080 ) Colored box
Counter The number of times the meta key is used by the item. Values can be strings or serialized arrays.
Default Any value Database value (an array wil be flattened)


Direct Editing

Admin Columns support inline editing for custom fields.

Read more about all the editable custom field types

Actions & Filters

Several actions and filters are available to modify and manage custom field columns. Filters and actions are developer features: use them with care!

Compatible Custom Field Plugins

For adding custom fields to your site we recommend the following plugins:

Inline edit for Custom Fields

Read more about enabling inline edit for Custom Fields.