BuddyPress Columns

Add buddypress columns to your Users screen

The BuddyPress integration is included with the Business or Developer license.

BuddyPress integration for Admin Columns

The BuddyPress integration for Admin Columns helps you to manage your users from the user overview screen. It has support for all the profile fields (Xprofile) to display them and most of them can be sorted, filtered and edited directly from the overview screen. It can be a great tool to learn about who your users are and to manage them, all from a single screen.

Users overview with BuddyPress columns for WordPress

Easier User Management

Admin Columns will help you to find your users by allowing you to sort and filter on their profile fields. Need to find users that belong to a certain group? Who is your oldest or youngest user? Admin Columns lets your sort and filter your users on almost any piece of information available. Finding your users will become a lot easier and faster.

Admin Columns also lets you edit your user data directly from the overview screen. Updating a single or multiple profiles is done in just a manner of seconds. No more going into profiles, updating and returning to the list screen. Just select the field you want to update, update the value and you are done.

BuddyPress Columns

Admin Columns adds the following BuddyPress columns which can be sorted, filtered and made editable:

BuddyPress Columns Sorting
These columns supports sorting
These columns supports filtering
These columns supports inline edit
Profile Fields
Multi Select Box
Select Box
Activity Updates

Displays the total activity count of a BuddyPress user. This column can be sorted on the activity count and it is possible to filter on a range of activities to get for example the most active users on your BuddyPress website.


Shows the total friend count per user. With our filter feature for this column, you can easily get all users with a minimum or maximum friend count.


Displays the total group count for a user. When you click the number of groups, you’ll get more information about which groups the user is a member of.

Last Activity

Displays the last activity of a BuddyPress user. Whether the user replied to a message, joined group or has a new friendship, with this column you always know the last activity of each user.

Last Seen

Display the date a user is last seen on the website. It’s possible to choose between different date formats including the BuddyPress date format that shows a relative time difference from the current time. It’s possible to filter on a date range to get for example all people that has been active for the past week.