SEOPress integrates with Admin Columns Pro

Admin Columns Pro and SEOPress Pro work perfectly together. SEOPress Pro comes with built-in support for Admin Columns Pro, meaning that you will be able to manage columns for SEO-related data, like Meta Title, Meta Description, noindex, nofollow, and target keywords.

Add your SEO columns with Admin Columns PRO

SEOPress column with Pro feature support

The following Admin Columns Pro features are implemented in the SEOPress columns:

  • Inline and Bulk Editing
  • Sorting
  • Smart Filtering
  • Export

Edit SEOPress metadata with ease

Easily change any metadata from SEOPress right from the list table with Inline Editing for maximum productivity. No need to open a page to simply change the meta title, or meta description.

Quick edit your SEO metadata with Admin Columns PRO

Works out of the box

No need to install a specific integration. When both Admin Columns Pro and SEOPress Pro are installed and activated, you can enjoy the benefits of the SEOPress columns together with the Admin Columns Pro features.