Direct Inline Editing

Save lots of time by inline edit content from the overview

Lightning fast editing

Edit your posts without opening them! With inline edit, you can edit your posts directly from the posts overview. Want to change the featured image, add tags or edit the title of your post? Just click ‘inline edit’ and you can edit pretty much all of your fields faster than you can say Admin columns.

Quickly spot and fix flaws

The posts overview makes it easy to spot flaws in your content. In one glance you can see where your content can be perfected. A quick fix to make sure your content looks the way it’s supposed to!

Undo and redo

When editing your content with inline edit, changes are automatically saved. And if you’re not happy with them, they can be can be easily undone or redone, without the risk of losing content. Pinky swear.

View the complete list of columns that support editing.


It makes it easier for them (our clients) to do editing and just get information quickly at a glance, and it makes it easier for us too when there are some changes that need to be done and we need sort/filter functionality.

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