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Filter not applied to Gravity Forms bulk actions

We found what we believe is a bug in Admin Columns when combined with Gravity Forms.

This is our use case:
We have a list of form entries covering multiple pages.
We apply a Admin Columns filter to the list, the list is generated correctly and displays the correct data and amount of entries.
We select all entries, an option to select all entries from all pages appears, and we select that option. Still the correct amount of (filtered) entries is displayed.
We apply a bulk action on the selected entries: the filter is not applied, instead the bulk action is applied to all entries, including the ones actually filtered out.

The same does not happen with the standard Gravity Forms filter, just when using the Admin Columns filter.

2 weeks ago

Thanks for your feedback, I was indeed able to reproduce the issue.

So it seems that Admin Columns Pro filters are not applied for the bulk actions in Gravity Form when you select the ‘select all entries’ feature in the yellow bar on the table.

We need to find a way to apply our filters on their bulk actions hook. I’ve added this to our bugreport list so we can investigate this further and come up with a solution.

1 week, 6 days ago

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