Deprecated This documentation is deprecated since Admin Columns version 4.
Please view the updated version of this documentation here.

This filter cac/editable/is_column_editable is used to enable editing for any self created column.


There are 2 ways to hook into cac/editable/is_column_editable.

  • cac/editable/is_column_editable – filter for every column
  • cac/editable/is_column_editable/column=[column name] – filter for a specific column
 * Filtering: whether a column is editable
 * Filter cac/editable/is_column_editable
 * Filter cac/editable/is_column_editable/column=[column name]
 * @param bool $is_editable Whether the column is editable
 * @param CPAC_Column $column Colum object
 * @param CACIE_Editable_Model $editable_model Editability storage model
function my_cac_is_column_editable( $is_editable, $column, $editable_model ) {
	// Possible modify $is_editable (True or False)
    return $is_editable;
add_filter( 'cac/editable/is_column_editable', 'my_cac_is_column_editable', 10, 3 );
add_filter( 'cac/editable/is_column_editable/column=[column name]', 'my_cac_is_column_editable', 10, 3 );


In this example, we make the SEO title column for WordPress SEO editable.

 * Make Title SEO ( WordPress SEO by Yoast ) column editable
add_filter( 'cac/editable/is_column_editable/column=wpseo-title', '__return_true' );


You can make your own created column editable in just minutes with our tutorial on how to make a column editable.