The filter acp/editing/preference/is_active allows you to set if Inline Edit is automatically enabled when you visit a specific list screen. By default inline edit is disabled and you have to click on the inline edit button on top of the list screen.


 * Filters the default state of editability of cells on overview pages
 * @param bool   $is_active Whether the default state is active (true) or inactive (false)
 * @param string $key       Listscreen key
function my_acp_editing_preference_is_active( $is_active, $list_screen ) {
	// Check for a specific list screen to enable inline edit.

	return $is_active;

add_filter( 'acp/editing/persistent', 'my_acp_editing_preference_is_active', 10, 2 );
add_filter( 'acp/editing/persistent', '__return_true' ); // shorthand for enabling inline edit for all list screens


The old filter cacie/inline_edit/active is replaced by acp/editing/preference/is_active since Admin Columns 4.0.