Custom Field columns

The Custom Field columns allows you to display custom fields (metadata) on your WordPress list table for Post, Pages & Custom Post Types, Users, Media, Taxonomies, and Comments.

A Cars listings page with Custom Field columns that display all its properties.

Available Custom Field Types

The Custom Field Column supports a wide range of custom field data types:

Custom Field Columns Display Sorting
These columns supports sorting
These columns supports filtering
These columns supports inline edit

Displays a color box. The value stored has to be a CSS Color Value. For example: red or #ff0000.


Displays a formatted date. You can specify your own date format.


Displays the actual image. You can specify your own image dimensions:

The stored values has to be a URL or ID. Multiple URLs and ID’s are also supported.


Displays a formatted number. You can specify your own number formatting:


Displays unformatted text. You can limit the length displayed by the Number of characters or Number of words.

Displays a clickable URL. Optionally, you can specify the label of the link:

Has Content

Displays a checkmark icon when the custom field contains any data.

True / False

Displays a False icon when the stored value is empty, 0 or false. Otherwise, a True icon is displayed.


Displays the stored value without any formatting.

Multiple Values

Displays the values from an array. Use this field type when you have an array with data stored within a custom field.

Number of Fields

Display the number of times a custom field key has been used. In WordPress, you can save a value to the same custom field key more than once. The key does not have to be unique.


Displays a file icon or image from the Media Library. You can specify your own image dimensions:

The stored value has to be an ID. Multiple ID’s are also supported.


Displays a post, page or a custom post type. You can specify the property you want to display: Title, Featured Image,ID or Author Name.

The stored value has to be an ID. Or multiple IDs separated by a comma.


Display a user or users. You can specify the property you want to display: Display Name, First Name, Last Name, Nickname, Email, Login or ID.

The stored value has to be an ID. Or multiple IDs separated by a comma.

Adding a Custom Field Column

You can add a custom field column by simply clicking “Add Column” and selecting the custom field you wish to display. There is no coding required.

Custom fields are automatically formatted based on the custom field type you choose. Furthermore, you have the option to add a prefix and suffix to the column contents using the before and after display options.

Settings for a Custom Field Column

You can customize the displayed output for each type of custom field data. Here is a screenshot of settings for an image field type:

  1. Common settings

    All columns have common settings to set their label and width in pixels or percentages.

    Name Description
    Type The currently selected column type. Use the dropdown to change it to another column type.
    Label Change the label of the column header. Use the icon picker if you want an icon as its label.
    Width Change the width of the column in pixels or percentage.
  2. Custom Field settings

    Name Description
    Field Select your custom field meta key from the list of available keys.
    Field Type This determines how your data will be displayed. e.g. text or an image.
  3. Unique Field Type settings

    Some field types have unique settings that allow you to fine-tune how the content is being displayed. For example, these settings are unique to the image type:

    Name Description
    Image Size Set the dimensions of the image that is shown on the list table.
    Link To Optionally you can link the image to its URL.
    Number of Items Set a limit of the number of images that are being displayed.
  4. Additional features

    The Custom Field Column also has additional functionality depending on the Field Type you selected. The custom field data displayed on the list table can be sortedfiltered, inline edited or bulk edited. And you can also export the column’s content to a CSV file.

 Actions & Filters

Several actions and filters are available to modify and manage custom field columns. Filters and actions are developer features: use them with care!

Compatible Custom Field Plugins

We have integrations available for displaying custom field data created with the use of: