The CPAC_Column object contains the properties, options and methods of a column.

There are two main scenarios you might want to use CPAC_Column.
If you have been using a filter or action to hook into Admin Columns and one of the callback values is a column object. Another scenario is when you have created a new column type  yourself and have extended on CPAC_Column.

Available Methods

Note: some methods are only available since verion 3.3.4

  • get_options() : Returns the stored column options
  • get_option( $name ) : Returns a single column option by name
  • get_name() : Returns the name of the column
  • get_type() : Returns the type of the column
  • is_type( $type ) : Checks if the given type matches the type of the column
  • get_post_type() : Returns the post_type of the column ( only applies to Post columns )
  • get_taxonomy() : Returns the taxonomy of the column ( only applies to Taxonomy columns )
  • code]get_label()[/code] : Get column label
  • get_value( $id ) : Returns the column value for displaying
  • get_raw_value( $id ) : Returns the raw column value (used for sorting and inline edit mostly )
  • get_storage_model() : Returns the CPAC_Storage_Model object which the column belongs to
  • get_storage_model_type() : Returns CPAC_Storage_Model type such as a post, user, comment, media or taxonomy
  • get_storage_model_meta_type() : Returns CPAC_Storage_Model meta_type such as a post, user, comment, or taxonomy

The CPAC_Column class is located in /codepress-admin-columns/classes/column.php. Please read over the extended comments found above each function in to learn more, this file is available on github.


Methods and Properties


Get the column type, this can be anything from title, date or column-meta. The exact type can be found by hover over the Type label inside the column settings.


Get the column name, this is a unique identifier for the column. If you have multiple column of the same type, this could look like column-metacolumn-meta-1. The exact name can be found by hover over the Type label inside the column settings.