The AC\ListScreen contains information about the list table and screen a column is used on.

List screen classes

The following list screens are supported:

  • AC\ListScreen\Post : Post type screens, like post and page
  • AC\ListScreen\Media : Media screen
  • AC\ListScreen\User : User screen
  • AC\ListScreen\Comment : Comment screen
  • AC\ListScreen\Taxonomy : Taxonomy screen
  • AC\ListScreen\MSSite : Sites screen on a WordPress Multisite Network
  • AC\ListScreen\MSUser : Network User screen on a WordPress Multisite Network


  • get_key() : Returns its unique key (string)
  • get_label() : Returns its label (string) For example Post, User or Comment.
  • get_meta_type() : Returns its meta type (string) For example post or user, which is mostly used when working with custom meta data.
  • get_screen_id() : Returns its current WP_Screen::ID (string)
  • get_columns() : Returns all stored AC\Column objects
  • get_column_types() : Returns all available AC\Column objects
  • get_object() : Returns a WP_PostWP_UserWP_Comment or WP_Term object depending on the list screen type
  • get_list_table() : Returns an instance of the WP_List_Table

The list screen is available from the AC\Column object by using the AC\Column::get_list_screen() method.