The action ac/column_types allows you to register your own columns for Admin Columns.
It works the same as ac/column_types only this action fires after all Admin Columns Pro Columns are loaded.


Notice that this is an example for the ac/column_types action

 * Register your own column
 * @param AC_ListScreen $list_screen
function my_ac_register_a_column( $list_screen ){

	// (optional) Check for a specific list screen type
	if ( 'post' !== $list_screen->get_meta_type() ) {

	// Register the column with the list screen
	$list_screen->register_column_type( new AC_Column_Personal() );
add_action( 'ac/column_types', 'my_ac_register_a_column' );


The old filter cac/columns/custom is replaced by acp/column_types since Admin Columns Pro 4.0.