Admin Columns Pro 3.4.2 – New width slider and columns

Width slider supports pixels and percentages

The column width settings got an update, it can be set to percentages or pixels now. You can also set the size by using the input field instead of using the slider.


Content column added

We added a content column which will allow you to edit the post’s content from within the column. The content of the post will be displayed in it’s raw value¬†just like the basic text editor. Really usefull when you want to make those quick changes to your page’s content.


Shortcodes column added

With the added column “Shortcodes” you can see exactly which shortcodes your post is using. Every used shortcode is displayed in it’s raw form, like [my_shortcode]. Add this column to know exactly where shortcodes are being used through your site.


Attach and Unattach media quickly

With the attachment column, you will be able to also select any media type and attach it to that particular post. This is a huge timesaver when attaching media items.


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